Covid-19 epidemic effects on maternal health, rights and struggles.

RiR project explored the most significant effects of the Covid-19 epidemic on maternal health, rights and struggles throught the publication of an edited book titled Coronial. Antropologia della riproduzione della sessualità al tempo del Covid-19,Gentile L., Quagliariello C., Sestito R.  (eds.), Milano, Franco Angelo, 2022, 218 p.

This edited book explores the relationships between maternal health issues and Covid-19 epidemic. It includes papers of anthropologists, public health scholars and health providers (gynecologists and midwives). The aim is to make a concrete contribution to public health policies aimed at struggling social disparities related to maternal health and, more broadly, the right to health in Europe (

Shaping African diasporas future through reproductive/non reproductive practices

This panel focuses on the reproductive experiences of the women of the global African diasporas, focusing on the challenges encountered in their life trajectories and in their role in imagining and shaping diasporas’ future, through(non)reproductive/mothering/motherhood practices in everyday life.

European Conference on African Studies, Cologne, May 31-June 3, 2023.

Is all well with birth? Anthropological contributions to reproductive and maternal health systems

This panel considers how “all is not well with birth” (Chadwick, 2018), welcoming insights from across reproductive and maternal health. We invite panellists to re-envision care worlds and speculate how anthropology can contribute to the provision of equitable and respectful health systems.

Association of Social Anthropologists Conference, London, April 11-14, 2023